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colourpop: first impressions


happy-with-colourpopI DID IT YOU GUYS!! I have been hearing so much buzz on the internet about ColourPop Cosmetics that I finally broke down and bought a few products to try for myself! Have you tried this online-only brand founded in Los Angeles in 2014?



Products I purchased from ColourPop:all-colourpop-stuff

  1. Waffle Highlighter Trio (Scrumptious, Glazed, and Flexitarian)

  2. Blush (Holiday)

  3. Ultra Matte Lip (Speed Dial)

*I also signed up for their e-mail list and got a $5 off coupon code so this all came out to $31 USD*

First Impressions:

So far, I am blown away by ColourPop! I got free shipping and my products arrived in the mail exactly a week after I ordered them. Everything I ordered came in perfect condition and the shiny, rainbow “ColourPop” sticker on the outside of the packaging was also a nice touch!

All of the cheek products also have a creamy (not powder) texture which I did not expect, but I actually really like it!

The Highlighters (Waffle Trio):



Swatches of the highlighters on my arm

Swatches of the highlighters on my arm (with flash)

The Blush (Holiday):back-of-blushblush-in-box

blushswatch-holidayThe Matte Lip:


So far I love all of the things I ordered from ColourPop! Their products are waaayyy pigmented and super cheap. I’m already thinking of other things that I need to try from them.

What other ColourPop products should I try? Let me know! Xo-Ashley♥


too faced le petit trésor set.


I’ve tried my fair share of lipsticks, but it dawned on me recently that I’ve never tried any by one of my favorite brands: Too Faced. Wandering through last month I found an awesome deal on Too Faced lipsticks that I just couldn’t resist; a year or so ago Too Faced came out with a lipstick set that lets you try multiple colors without overpaying. One La Crème lipstick on their website and in stores retails $22, but this set came with an exclusive glitter bag and 3 FULL SIZE lipsticks for around $42-44! It’s like getting one for free!!!!



Swatches of the lippies

Swatches of the lippies on my hand

This set comes with 3 lipsticks in the shades Nude Beach (a nude peach), Taffy (a pink marshmallow nude), and Wham! (an iridescent raspberry).



Nude Beach and Taffy look very similar on my lips in these pictures, but Nude Beach has more of a brown undertone compared to the pink undertone of Taffy.

Overall, these lipsticks are very buttery in texture and glide onto the lips. Their staying power is pretty moderate so you will definitely need to carry them around during the day and reapply.

For the price, these lipsticks are gorgeous! I could use these everyday and I’m excited to try more of the colors in their lineup.

Love and lipstick xo-Ashley♥