colourpop: first impressions


happy-with-colourpopI DID IT YOU GUYS!! I have been hearing so much buzz on the internet about ColourPop Cosmetics that I finally broke down and bought a few products to try for myself! Have you tried this online-only brand founded in Los Angeles in 2014?



Products I purchased from ColourPop:all-colourpop-stuff

  1. Waffle Highlighter Trio (Scrumptious, Glazed, and Flexitarian)

  2. Blush (Holiday)

  3. Ultra Matte Lip (Speed Dial)

*I also signed up for their e-mail list and got a $5 off coupon code so this all came out to $31 USD*

First Impressions:

So far, I am blown away by ColourPop! I got free shipping and my products arrived in the mail exactly a week after I ordered them. Everything I ordered came in perfect condition and the shiny, rainbow “ColourPop” sticker on the outside of the packaging was also a nice touch!

All of the cheek products also have a creamy (not powder) texture which I did not expect, but I actually really like it!

The Highlighters (Waffle Trio):



Swatches of the highlighters on my arm

Swatches of the highlighters on my arm (with flash)

The Blush (Holiday):back-of-blushblush-in-box

blushswatch-holidayThe Matte Lip:


So far I love all of the things I ordered from ColourPop! Their products are waaayyy pigmented and super cheap. I’m already thinking of other things that I need to try from them.

What other ColourPop products should I try? Let me know! Xo-Ashley♥


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